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Can we talk?

Communications is the art of sharing indeas and information. Technology has changed how that can happen.
  • What an idea, we answer the phone when it rings. But we don't believe in putting you on hold when the phone rings, you have our attention. ( Read here for more on the telehpone call process.)
    • If we don't pick up, you can leave a message. You'll hear our instructions, including what to do if it's an emergency.
    • We get alerted to the message immediately.
    • We'll retrieve your message and details (the more, the better: cell and home numbers, address, email. These will let us log your info for setting up your appointment.
    • We log all the information so we know as much as possible when we call.
    • Emergency calls have a special process to get your message to us right away. (And you're also reminded of the troubleshooting tips in this web site
    • We make calls and emails to get the issues taken care of
  • Email works for many situations. We can even do estimates and set appointments by email.
  • When we set up the appointment, we'll send you a confirmation email with the details: what, when, who, etc.
  • Then, we call the night before as a reminder.
  • And finally, we call (or text if you want) 30 minutes before we get to your house so you know we're on our way. (We can contact you on your cell or work number so you're not stuck at home waiting.