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The office response was:

Helpful and timely;
Courteous and pleasant;
Helpful but it took longer than I'd hoped;
It was hard to get answers;
Not very helpful;


The paperwork (estimate/proposal/billing):

Accurate and efficient;
Helpful with details and emailed appointment information;
Delayed but accurate;
Late and not accurate.


The technician came:

Within the 2-hour window;
Late but called to advise;
Late and did not call until after the time frame;
No Comment



The technician was:

Pleasant, professional and helpful
Professional but not very personable.
Nice but had trouble with the solving problems.
Distracted by outside issues
Difficult to deal with


Who was there:

Paul H. (tall Paul, w/moustache)
Paul V. (shorter height)
Greg (medium height)
Jason (taller, younger)
Cyndy (info or issue addressed by phone or email)
I don't remember, I wish I knew who it was.


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