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Lightning Strikes


It's virtually impossible to prevent lightning strikes.  Lightning rods may provide an easy path to ground to minimize the effect of lightning on the house but they're unsightly, expensive and difficult to find certified installers.  (We do not install lightning rod systems.)  Furthermore, damage to the electronics of a house may not come from a direct hit, but could come in via power lines, telephone lines or cable TV lines. We can install Surge suppressors and lightning arrestors at the panel are good ways to minimize the damage.  Go to Surge Suppressors for more information and prices.

What do you do if your house had been damage by lightning?
Since most home insurance provides coverage (less the deductible), it's important to compile a thorough list of what has been damaged.  As you scan the list before, you'll probably be surprised at how many things in your house contain electronics and can be affected.


-- Check this list of items that can be affected by a surge and/or lightning strike.
-- If you end up submitting an insurance claim, you don't want to find out 6 months later there are more things you could have had covered.

Alarm system

Garage door openers

Sprinkler system controls

Audio equipment (all components)

GFI outlets (inside and outside)

Surge suppressors

Computers, modems, scanners, printers, fax machine




Low voltage transformers for thermostats, doorbells, intercoms, alarms

Video equipment (TVs, VCRs, DVDs)

Exercise equipment 

Smoke detectors (120 volt type)

Water softener control