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Yes, we can help.

Since we do a lot of small jobs, we see many things.

Lebanon has some buildings that are old, some are new, and some are a combination. How they're built depends on their age and style. This means using different approaches at different times. We have a lot of experience in Lebanon with different methods. (We've even worked in homes that were over 100 years old.)
We serve the surrounding areas as well. Here's a listing. We do a lot of small jobs so we get around.

Customers often tell us how hard it is to find a contractor who would come and do what was promised. It's the same in Lebanon as elsewhere. An important part of our job is being there when you need us, and giving you confidence that the work will be done right and on time. We'll be setting a day and time, confirming with you ahead of time and as we head over. This seems simple enough.